Who is TeaForTeri?


Well, I am a gal with oodles of interests. Tea, travel, sleep, and turtlenecks are all near the top of my “love it” list! I may as well throw dancing on the list too – I LOVE a “fun-tastic” dance outing. You can say I am a bit of an enthusiasts. Lots of bits of ardent zeal!

Growing up, family trips to Buffalo, NY and Florida (Orlando) were the thing. Every summer, we would drive from Detroit (always stopping at Niagara Falls) to Buffalo for the Fourth of July. It was quite the occasion. My first trip to Disney occurred when I was six. Florida just became what my family did for Easter, occasional Thanksgivings, and Christmas’. In my teen years, we (my mom, sister, and I) traveled various places during my competitive dancing years. Those will always be good memories!


I really do like being able “to just go”. Experiencing cultures, eating tasty food, having good drinks, taking photos, playing in the ocean, and being in the essence of happiness in my various moments of [british slang I like] holiday.

I initially started my blog to share my pictures and happenings with some of my family members all at once. I love social media, traveling, writing, and posting photos.

They say open-mindedness is easier said than done. But, I would like to say that I have that down to a tee – along with being easy going. I cope well with adversity; you just never know what may happen.

Please do enjoy what I have to say here and feel free to leave your two cents.


Thanks A Bunch,



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