The Beaches I Visited in 2015

My tan never faded in 2015. It continued to get deeper and deeper and I had gotten to a point where I didn’t think I could get any darker. BUT, my melanin was bourgeoning. After every trot around the globe I had to replace my foundation – and it was worth it to maintain my skin-tone’s level of “fleekiness”. I write this as I actively admire every bit of my deepened 2015 pigment.

Just so you know – I always wore a foundation with SPF over sunscreen.

I will share with you The Beaches I Visited In 2015. I spent my time basking in the sun on these loverly beaches, making new friends, caking

“Wait. Do people still say caking? I doubt it. Not caking…”

being amorous, trying to tan my non-tanning face, swimming, practicing Portuguese, and all sorts of other wonderful things. Basking in the true essence of my Zodiac sign: The Pisces.

I’ve listed them sequentially. From my least favorite to my most favorite of this year!

  1. Phi Phi Island, Thailand (Phuket too.)

I was not swept away by the beaches I visited in Thailand like I thought I would be. I spent a little time on Phi Phi Island (and in Phuket). They did not have the essence of “chill” that I love – but, it was cool. There were  Jet Ski’s all over the place in Phuket that were speeding pass folks in the water. A tad dangerous. Nevertheless, it was scenic and the water temperature was good enough for me. I spent the most time in the water  during my dive in Phi Phi; the water wasn’t the clearest due to it being “monsoon season” though. I look forward to going again.

Phi Phi was a busy place!
  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio was cool…literally. The waves were pretty big and the water was just a bit too nippy for me. I couldn’t bear to stick my small mass body in that. I got as far as my calves. The beach view was beautiful and the beach was populated with lots of families, tourists, beach boys, and wanderers. The Brazilian men looked as good as I expected them to. I am also very excited to tell you that I wore a thong bikini in the midst of all those other thong bikini wearers. Not a big deal in Rio; but I would never comfortably wear a thong bikini in The States; as Brazil is the thong bikini capital. As much as I would love to post me in a thong bikini on this here blog post…

…yeah, no.

Me in Rio.


A cloudy day on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro.
  1. Nassau, Bahamas

Ah, Nassau. I did not love it here and the temperature in Nassau wasn’t high enough for me. Despite the temperature ranging in the low 80’s(26 degrees celsius) I did enjoy my time spent. I just want it to be scorching. Next time I visit the Bahamas I look forward to visiting one of the many other Bahamian islands.

Nassau, Bahamas. The Bob Marley house.


7.Cartagena, Colombia (Mainland)

We went to the beach on the mainland one day! The sand was not white but the water was nice. Outside of the constant heckling for a massage our time spent was enjoyable. Oh! Bring you own liquor to the beach!

  1. Isla Del Rosario/Playa Blanca, Cartagena, Colombia

Isla Del Rosario and Playa Blanca came in a package deal. In order to get to Isla Del Rosario you needed to book the extended tour from Playa Blanca. The “beach” of Isla Del Rosario was more of what looked like an abandoned private island with property. You could not walk into the water via sloping sand (unless you shimmied in between docking boats) – but you could ease down a set of rocks or the sketchy wood plank. It’s ranked number six because I just enjoyed my time effortlessly floating atop my life jacket with my eyes closed with my boyfriend wading in the water close by.

Floating about with “meu namorado”!
  1. Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya

I loved Diani! I went for the first time in February and the water was perfect. I went twice this year! I appreciate “my little Teri fairies” pulling all these strings to make my 2015 exceptionally extraordinary. Diani’s water was warm, clearer in some areas than others, and I met some beach buds (Maasai) that kept me company and looked out for my belongings as I hung out in the water.


  1. Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

There are SO many things I loved about Salvador de Bahia! SO many things! It would be No. 1 on other lists! Only because we’re talking about it’s waters is it No. 4. The water here was dandy. I loved the energy of the Salvador beaches. I was there during a holiday and it was evident. The water was beautiful, the water temperature was phenomenal, the outside temperature was phenomenal. The only thing I have to say to you is: “Go to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil”.

Busy beach day.


Salvador de Bahia.
  1. La Digue, Seychelles

I loved La Digue. How did we even get here? I’ll talk about that later. The water…it was SO warm. If you’ve read from No. 10 on down here to No. 3 you may have noticed that water temperature is a BIG DEAL to me. If the water is too cold for me – I am not getting in it…without a wetsuit.

La Digue’s water was almost too warm for my boyfriend. He didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. He felt it wasn’t as refreshing  as some of the other beaches and felt more like a bath! A bath that would be too cold for me.

Ranked one of the Top 5 Beaches in the world!
  1. Nungwi, Zanzibar

I loved Zanzibar! We stayed in a Nungwi fishing village, in the northern end of the island, that was a twenty-five minute walk (if the tide was low) to the nearest lineup of hotels. Nungwi is about 35 miles (56km) north of Stone Town. If the tide was too high – we wouldn’t have been able to walk the shore back to our bungalow. We went out to the beach on a few separate days and the water was completely different. It was kind of magical – but, maybe not; I’m no oceanographer. Those are questions for the NOAA!


  1. Mahé, Seychelles!

Mahé is number one! The water here was fantabulous. It was the perfect temperature, I loved the way it flowed, and my buoyancy was bomb. No beach was crowded! And the rocks were beautiful. High and low tide was extremely enjoyable. We stayed in a studio apartment for the week and we were just a five minute walk to a “private beach area”. I don’t think there’s a bad beach in the Republic of Seychelles. Throughout the entire island – wherever you stopped you could probably walk into the water if you wanted to.


  • Dubai gets an honorable mention just because I went! Does anyone go to Dubai specifically for the beaches? I always see people on the beach and on yachts – but not too often are they gallivanting through the water.




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