“Chocolate Please”: In a Japanese Children’s Classroom

When we were in Japan, we were invited to attend a couple of english-language classes with my boyfriend’s brother, who teaches many English classes in Japan throughout the day.  My boyfriends brother has lived in Japan for about nine years now – teaching the english language [and recently opening a cafe] for a living.

My favorite class was the children’s class. They were rambunctious and reminded me of a typical kindergarten classroom in America.

Some of the kiddies!
Some of the kiddies!

The concluding theme for the class day was “Please and Thank You”. The children had to line up and politely ask for chocolate, emphasizing the words “pleas” and “thank you”!

Some of the kids spewed some high-energized statements at me. I would pretend to understand with hand gestures and head nods.

Two of the young Japanese students!
Two of the young Japanese students! On the right, the class clown.

When it came to a few of them pronouncing the word “chocolate” it was adorable and so funny. I enjoyed every bit of it. Being apart of their class was undoubtedly one of my favorite moments in Osaka, Japan.

There was contagious happiness all over the place. The children were quite hilarious.

As they say:

To see happiness in action, Smile and start a chain reaction.


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