On the beach of Temara, Morocco!

I was invited to accompany Kevin’s roommate and his buddy to the beach during my stay in Rabat. They were going surfing. I was apprehensive at first given that Kevin would not be able to go with me. I did not speak french, I barely interacted with his roommate while I was staying at their apartment, and…yeah.

Initially, I declined the beach offer – and later changed my mind. My indecisiveness seemed to be displeasing to Kevin’s roommate because he felt that I was “unappreciative” of the invitation.

Temara, Morocco  is a coastal city south of Rabat on the Atlantic. This beach was where a lot of locals hung out at. The drive to Temara took 35 minutes with traffic. On the way down I took in the scenery, that traffic, lifestyle, and the french music they listened to in the car…that my Shazaam App just couldn’t recognize.

Whilst walking toward the shore we had to halt to a small flock of sheep passing by. They were just lolly-gagging along and checking out the scene. That was amusing.

Moroccan Beach

Moroccan Beach

I prefer beaches when the temperatures reach at least ninety degrees. This particular day, I do not remember the temperature being over eighty. Rabat has a reasonably lower average minimum temperature than other cities in Morocco.

The Atlantic Ocean! Temara, Morocco.
The Atlantic Ocean! Temara, Morocco.

Before Kevin’s roommate took off to surf the waves I asked: “How far would I have to walk to get to the bathroom?” With his chuckle, he turned around to look at the Atlantic telling me “you’re looking at the bathroom.” That would have been all fine and dandy IF I had my bathing suit on. Now, I would have to do something “very Teri” and change inconspicuously in the midst of those surrounding. No big deal.

It took me nearly twenty-five minutes to discreetly change into a bikini. I never intended to go to a beach in Morocco so I was a tad apprehensive about going into the water…in a bikini. There were hardly any women around. But, I had to pee!

This was the first time I experienced a beach whose shoreline was so rugged.  It was a shore of coarse unconsolidated sediment. Uncomfortable to walk on into the FREEZING water. I casually stumbled into the water as far as I needed to go to use nature as my resource.

Temara, Beach

I was happy to have experienced Temara’s beach. The sheep were a nice touch. I didn’t violate any ones child or well-being by being caught in the act of changing, and I know how cold the water is on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.


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