Matcha Tea For Me, Please!

As an avid tea drinker I had heard of Matcha Tea but I hadn’t had it yet. I knew matcha latte’s were becoming a thing here in the states – but matcha was not easy to find here in Michigan. It wasn’t until last year that matcha was available at Goldfish Tea, in Royal Oak, MI.

I was formally introduced to the matcha in Japan. After spending a long day in Kyoto we went to a café to get out of the sun and get dessert. They ordered chilled-sweet matcha’s with a black beans covered in sweet bean paste and shaved ice with matcha.

My dessert bean and matcha.
My dessert bean and matcha.

To my American standard taste buds, these desserts were not all that sweet. We sure can overkill on the sweeteners. I did really enjoy it though. Hence, why matcha is a favorite of mine!

Maccha bean!
Matcha Shaved Ice across from my chilled maccha and sweet bean!

At home, my favorite matcha treat is Goldfish Tea’s “Match Tea Smoothie”. The ingredients include milk, pineapple juice, a frozen banana, and sweet matcha. It is always refreshing and delicious.

My Always Delicious Matcha Tea Smoothie!
My, Always Delicious, Matcha Tea Smoothie!

I’ve had matcha beverages from other places. Just the other day I went to Commonwealth© in Birmingham, MI. I only ran in there with the intention to use their bathroom and decided to order something first just to avoid the “customers only situation”. I’ve been before and had their hot chocolate – but I looked at the menu this time and, “Ooh, a Matcha Latte”. It was very tasty.

Commonwealth Matcha Latte
My Matcha Latte. (With a little heart in the center.)



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