Frantic In Barcelona…

I arrived in Barcelona, alone, to an airport that had litter thrown throughout the place. The Barcelona airport cleaning crew threw trash all over the floor, in protest!

Mild photo of some of the debris and rubbish scattered throughout the Barcelona Airport.
Photo of the mild (in comparison to some other areas) debris and rubbish scattered throughout the Barcelona Airport.

I had to find my way to Plaça Universitat to meet up with Cesar, whom I was staying with via AirBNB. I was nervous due to me being overpacked, it being night time, my phone being nearly dead, and I had no idea where I was going once I got off the Aerobus. I had to call my host so he could find me and help me carry my obnoxious amount of baggage up four flights of stairs.

The stairs we had to lug my massive luggage up.
The stairs we had to lug my massive luggage up.
My first and last lesson in overpacking.
My first and last lesson in overpacking.

The next day was full of fun and surprises. I headed out on the town to sight see, shop, stop by the Futbol Club Barcelona to get my boyfriend his authentic Messi jersey, do a few tourist bus tours (as I was a bit strapped for time)…


Sagrada Familia. I'll go inside next time.
Sagrada Familia. I’ll go inside next t

The Gaudi Cathedral!

Barca3Barca4 Barca5

Futbol Club Barcelona by Justin his Messi Jersey!
At the Futbol Club Barcelona to buy Justin his Messi Jersey!

After leaving FCB, I was famished. I headed back to one of the tourist buses to make my way to food! I decided to get off at a random stop to grab McDonald’s as a prerequisite to a real meal – because I was THAT hungry.

When I stepped off the bus…I ran into a series of unfortunate events.


This is where things got frantic. I searched my purse for my phone, not there. When the tourist bus closed it’s doors I immediately began flagging it down like a loon. As it took off, I took off running right beside it…doing the “loon arm flag”. The driver would not stop. I ran as far as I could before approaching this nice gentleman who let me dial my phone (whilst he tried flirting with me)…. NO ANSWER. 

I took off running again and was able to flag down a cab. The cab driver chased down the tourist bus for me. We were weaving through traffic, cutting folks off, and, I’m not going to lie, I was sorta having a good time despite all of the frenzy. When we pulled up next to the tourist bus stop I hopped out of the cab and back onto the bus to ask the bus driver if I could search where I was seated to see if I would across my iPhone. It was not there. Complete and utter sadness.

I approached the cab driver and asked what my fare price was. DOOMED AGAIN. I ran out of EUR and only had Moroccan Durham left in my purse. I asked if his cab took debit or credit payment and It didn’t. “Could my day really get any more crappy. Luckily he was Moroccan… No?” He took what durham I had left and turned away with disgust. I am going to assume that could have been worse.

I proceeded back to Catalonia Square’s Tourist station to report my phone lost or see if [by the grace of whatever] it was turned in. It was not. I tried calling home collect only to find out my Grandmother has collect calls blocked on her house and cell phone. I held it together though.

I went back to Yuni and Cesar’s place to be comforted by their pup, take a little nap, and chill out for a bit. I was devastated and SO disconnected. I just decided to continue on with my “All Day Pass Tours” and enjoy the rest of Barcelona.

Walking aimlessly through the streets of Catalonia...

I went to McDonald’s, and all that jazz, before heading back to the tourist station only to be helped by the greatest guide ever, Miky!

Miky was working the counter when I walked in the tourist station for the third time. He let me use his phone to call home and tell my grandmother what the deal was [she went into a mild panic], he took me to an internet cafe, and let me send a text to my iPhone.


Lost Phone

Turns out, a cute little Polish couple from London fond my phone! In their text response, they told us to meet them at a McDonald’s in a suburb of Spain. Miky got us there, while also being my personal tour guide and becoming a friend. I reunited with my phone and had McDonalds…again. I was ecstatic. What an adventure. Phew.

Miky! Who helped me get back my phone!

3 thoughts on “Frantic In Barcelona…

  1. I have to say….brilliant to text yourself! Lucky you found an honest person out there and got your phone back! What a crazy day…did you share this on the twitter chat #girlstravel? Today was misadventure…I would call this a case of misadventure with happy ending!

    1. I did share in #GirlsTravel. Luckily, with my phones jail-broken capabilities the text message was able to pop on my screen! It was chaos. But, oddly enough, after the fact (getting my phone back)…I found the fun in being all frazzled!

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