En Paris!

Before leaving home for Paris, my family was under the impression that my best friend, Kevin, would be meeting me when I arrived. He thought about coming over from Morocco; but it was just an idea. We both knew it was a slim chance. As soon as I arrived in Paris, alone and slightly nervous, I called my Grandmother to let her know I landed safely and that “my luggage was missing”. As I expected, she went into a slight panic! No big deal there – I just wandered around a little for clothes and toiletries. Lotion was hard to find! Lotion was not at the Pharmacie, but Monoprix.

My family was also under the impression that I was staying with one of Kevin’s friends. It was only after the fact that I informed them I used  AirBNB to stay in a cute Parisian apartment in the Latin Quarter of France, with a lovely Indonesian guy studying to be a pastry chef. He was a lovely host! I was able to benefit from his growing pastry expertise. He brought home little delicacies every day! One evening, he even made me a traditional Indonesian dish! It was extremely delicious.

Indonesion Dish made by my AirBNB host!
Indonesian Dish made by my AirBNB host!
My Metro Map!
I loved how on the map the area circled where I was staying my  host labeled HOME!

When I arrived to meet my host, I got lost. I had no idea where I was and he had to find me near the Place Monge station to take me back to his place! He had friends over to greet me and helped me map out me desired destinations and gave me suggestions on where to go and, most importantly, where to find lotion. I was given a Metro Map and downloaded the “Metro Paris Subway” iPhone App for $0.99.I loved the Latin Quarter, it was not touristy and I felt comfortable being there alone.

I decided to follow various folks from France in Twitter in efforts to practice my French and become more familiar with the words. While in France, I was able to formally meet and hang out with Ndo. We had a really good time! She navigated me around, to Beaubourg, Opera, Notre Dame, and we helped one another with our foreign language skills by having to explain in depth what each one of us were trying to say!

Ndo and I at
Ndo and I! My friend from Twitter!

Below are photos the places Ndo & I went together!

Opera in Paris!
Opera in Paris!
Notre Dame
Notre Dame

My first day out and about in Paris was great! Had a really good time with Ndo! I had not received my luggage just yet! Who would have known that my next couple of days would be so random!


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