I do love Arizona.

The mountainous view.
The mountainous view.

I’ve been to Arizona more than a couple of times. I usually go with my Aunt Deannie to visit my Grandfather. Every time we go it reaffirms how much I love it there. I’ve experienced the (retirement) community where he lives, their movie theatre, and the Grand Canyon (via a trip to Vegas). I haven’t experience a whole lot of Arizona but I love it there.

My Grandfather is a great golfer. He was the subdivision champ at one point. I only needed to try golfing with him once to know golf was not my thing. He taught me to swing. I can say I was able to, at least, hit the ball. (LOL)

Trying to hit the ball!


The shops, the town, and the Native American appeal of Old Town Scottsdale is really cool. I just like it. There is a lot of history there that I do not know.

My Deannie and I
My Aunt Deannie and I (The Yearlings in the Back)

Each time we visit, we get my Grandad to take us to the movies. He doesn’t frequent the show. That is one of my favorite pass times! He makes the best ribs and my Grandma Jackie makes THE BEST spaghetti I have ever had. It’s not a traditional “paste” spaghetti” – it’s a bit soupy and I love it. I’ve been meaning to ask her how she does it.

My Aunt and Grandad
My Aunt and Grandad

My last stay, we dined at the buffet at The Talking Stick Resort Casino. It was delicious. There was a mountain view – and, I love mountain views.

The Wandering Horse Buffet in Scottsdale!

Visiting my Grandfather is always fun. Very chill. We’ll be back soon!


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