“Naked Communion”.

In Japan, they have a national holiday known as Ocean Day. The third Monday of July is dedicated to “giving thanks to the ocean’s bounty; and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan as an island nation.” Many people take advantage of the holiday and summer weather to take a beach trip.

I was really excited about Ocean Day! It was hot, I love the beach, and it would have been a road trip in Japan for me, being that the beach we intended to go to was four hours away. One little issue though, an unexpected typhoon hit.  Due to the typhoon, we ended up going to an Onsen instead. Bummer.

After a forty minute drive up the mountain…

…a pit stop to the squat toilet, and a photo session…

Mountain Drive Photo Session!

…we arrived at the Kurama Onsen in Kyoto & we got our onsen on!

A detailed photo of the onsen; since no camera's are allowed inside!
A detailed photo of the Kurama Onsen onsen; since no camera’s are allowed inside!
Clothes were strictly prohibited. The procedure for entering the onsen was as follows:
  1. Disrobe.
  2. Bathe with soap before entering.
  3. Enjoy the “naked communion”.

 I loved every bit of the Onsen. The experience was my equivalent to having girl talk in the kitchen, at your sleepover! I felt a close personal connection with the girls having “boy talk” in all of our naked (not framed in thought) glory.

Because it rained this day (due to the typhoon), the experience was entirely more tranquil. Sitting in a natural hot-spring, the rain pouring, and you’re glaring into nothing but mountain and sky. We were completely undisturbed with life’s every noise; just at ease.

While my Japanese gal pal and I were hanging out in the onsen sauna another Japanese woman seemed to be quite intrigued by my complexion. It was just a tad odd having her run her finger up my leg in awe. Nonetheless, I was flattered (I think) and just a bit weirded out by her “affectionate” enthusiasm with me. Due to the language barrier, I couldn’t make out anything she was saying. My gal pal told me that the woman thought my complexion was so deep and lovely and that I was a beautiful girl.

The view behind my shoulder shows the woman gathered in the onsen.
The view behind my shoulder shows the women gathered in the onsen.

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