A lot to do, in Japan!

I would like to initially start off acknowledging how much I like my passport photo. Now, it is no glamour shot-but, it is no horror photo like so many seem to have complained about. You cant see much of it here, but I definitely have a glow!

En route to Japan, our flights were smooth sailing. We were in the good graces of ANA. The flight was just splendid. Delightful! The consideration for passengers on the flight came down to them so politely enforcing an order of closed windows so everyone could sleep comfortably on-board. Not to mention, the flight attendants were so posh. I loved ANA!

Osaka, Japan was wonderful. The culture, the sights, the lifestyle, the outskirts, the Onsens, the fashions,… I could go on for a bit. With my boyfriend’s brother being a resident there, I feel like I experienced what it was like to be a local.

Immediately after we arrived, we went to meet with all of those who I now consider “the crew”. I enjoyed them all so much. Lots of outings. Lots of carpooling!

On the table: Fish, beans, Chu-Hi, and beef heart!
On the table: Fish, beans, Chu-Hi, and beef heart during our first [welcome] dinner outing!


We fed on beef heart, that fish on a stick, CHU-HI (my now favorite Japanese beverage that doesn’t exist in the states, Great…), beer, and lots of other things that have names I can not remember.

In their culture, if your beer glass is empty…you’re likely to have your glass refilled. If you do not want anymore, do not finish what you have! I am not much of a beer drinker though. ChuHi is my drink of choice! We dined out so much! Some good eats. Some eats that took some getting used to!

We were in constant motion in Japan! I loved it.


We attended the Gion Festival of Kyoto. It is one of the most of famous festivals in Japan.









Kaori let me wear her Yukata. Chie’ tied my perfect bow!

In Kyoto
In Kyoto







I am wearing the traditional Japanese summer Kimono, a Yukata!

Heading to the Gion Festival!
Heading to the Gion Festival!







Can you believe it was a ninety degree weather day? Phew.

This was an amazingly long day! We were lounging out by a river [while watching break dancers, fire twirlers, and other assortments of entertainment] debating whether or not we would sleep on the river bank and catch the train in the morning–or try to make it back to Osaka. Osaka took my vote and we made it in time enough to catch the last train. And again, PHEW…I really did not want to sleep on a cement pallet!


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