The Food In Cuba.

While watching the sprightly movie ‘Chef’ I became nostalgic for Cuba. The movie had plenty fervor, family, and delicious meals. In ‘Chef”, Carl Casper was a dissatisfied head chef at a high-end restaurant where his inability to excel was in the hands of a dead set restaurant owner. Only after his social media melt down Chef Carl Casper found joy and creativity in starting food truck … Continue reading The Food In Cuba.

There’s a Peach Out There for Me, Somewhere!

Morocco has left a lasting impression on me where their produce is concerned. While in Rabat, I had the best peaches the world has ever given me. Every morning I  stopped by a fruit stand to buy peaches for nearly 2-3MAD (barely one USD) for nearly five peaches. The peaches were DIVINE – every time.  They were so good that I would eat them with … Continue reading There’s a Peach Out There for Me, Somewhere!

A full cup of “Pura Vida”!

When I wake up in the morning wishing I was elsewhere, I am always nostalgic of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. My emotional state of well-being peaked while there and my craving for happiness was totally met. Not that I don’t have an ongoing list of happy moments, because I do – but, “Pura Vida” is not synonymous with them all. “Pura vida is a characteristic Costa … Continue reading A full cup of “Pura Vida”!